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Wounds on your feet


Injuries on the feet cannot be completely avoided, even with proper, protective shoes and proper hygiene practices. These injuries can range from minor scratches or blisters to more major injuries like puncture wounds and foot ulcers.

Foot wounds can occur from incorrectly fitted shoes to possibly stepping on a sharp object can lead to foot injuries which should never be overlooked.

Minor injuries like scratches and blisters can be simply treated with washing the area, using antibiotic ointment, and clean bandages. More severe injuries, like puncture wounds that are deeper or narrower, have a higher risk of infection if not properly treated. Excessive bleeding or wounds with bleeding that does not stop should be treated by a medical team.

Diabetic patients may have a higher risk to foot ulcers and wounds due to diabetes causing nerve damage to areas like the feet. This range from tingling sensations to loss of sensation / numbness to the feet area can make a person unaware to any wounds on the foot.

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